Using RenderTexture's glTexture as second texture for Camera's pipeline

Hi, guys!
Hope you can help me.
I try to use render texture’s glTexture as second texture for camera’s pipeline. I want to do next:

  1. Use one render texture + first pipeline for generate texture with pixel “offets”.
  2. Draw it in other big render texture in concrete places.
  3. Run 2nd pipeline on Camera, setup to it texture from second step and mix it using fragment shader(use shifts for getting pixels from initial sampler for camera)

So I use setTexture2D(bigRendTex.glTexture, 1), and wait it will be available on iChannel1, but on all iChannels I see one original(from camera) texture.

This is my codepen

Can anyone help me with understanding what I’m doing incorrectly?


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Did you solved this problem?