When Will The Official Phaser Website Be Restored?

When Will The Official Phaser Website Be Restored??

I’m having problems with that. on the page it says “We’re currently doing a quick rebuild of the Phaser web site. It won’t take much longer.” but the site is being reorganized to organize old Phaser 1 and 2 documents and add the new Phaser 4 documents and updated Phaser 3 documentation. It might take two to four months, but it will be worth it.

2-4 months?

i think so (i need that documentation)

When a user visits the official Phaser website it only has some URL links?
This is not good - can you put the old site back for now while you work on the documents?


In order to keep a website that is being remodeled active, they would have to carry out the updating work and guarantee the correct service to the user at the same time, which implies that there are the least amount of errors in obtaining the url or in the location of resources. that’s why it’s easier to turn off the site and place a homepage with some links for external documentation and communication with the webmaster while the site’s pages are updated.

How we doing with the new website?
Hope it is released soon!