[WIP][Phaser 3] Get Back Home

(Updated video)

Hello everyone. This is my first time sharing any sort of game content I’ve created. I’ve only been programming for about 6 months. I just started to teach myself pixel art a few days ago and I will eventually learn to produce some basic music. So here it goes: (forgive the static scenes, I will bring them to life as I go)

Get Back Home is about a boy named Teddy who has lost a ball that his father gave to him. His father recently passed away and this ball is the only thing Teddy has left of his father. You play as Teddy’s ball and your goal is to get back to him at any cost.

It’s meant to be a fun puzzle platformer (I know there are 10 billion platformers out there) with some RPG elements such as NPCs and special challenges/tasks along the way. The video you see has the first version of “Teddy”, some basic player movements, and a few objects I’ve created.