[WIP] Responsive Isometric MMORPG tactical turn based - FORTHEWIN.GAME

Hi everyone!

I’m sharing with you the new BETA test version of the game I’m developing for those last 2 years with Phaser 3. I currently work alone on that project. I did all the animations (with Spine), graphics, frontend and backend stuff by myself.
The project has evolved a lot since the very first prototype. You can check the evolution and get the last update through my instagram : @forthewin.game

About the game :
This is a tactical turn based MMO focused on PVP. There is no extended universe. Only PVP fight on an isometric chessboard. There is also no RNG, meaning that only your imagination and reasoning will lead you to the victory.

How to play :
All the rules are available under the : How to play? and Encyclopedia button on the game :

No account are needed. There is actually only guest account, so feel free to fight against yourself to improve your skills or to share the demo with a friend to play it :slight_smile:

You can also play the game from your smartphone. I designed the UI to be responsive (portrait or landscape).

As this is a BETA version, there is A LOT of things to improve and to add so do not hesitate to share with me any comments. You can do so through instagram, here of course or with the discord server :

As english is not my mother tong, you may find a lot of mistakes. I would be very grateful if you help me to correct them.

What is planned for the future?
My next move will be to add a complete support for user account including disconnection and reconnection during a fight. I also planned to add a ladder for 1V1 fight (with a Elo ranking) and the possibility to choose the stats and spells of the characters. I’ll also add other characters and new skins.
For the very far future, I’d like to implement an automatic tournament organizer.

How can you help me?
By just playing the game and by giving me feedback of any shape! I take everything from the english mistakes to the code improvement and the user experience.
It would also help me a lot if you just subscribe to my instagram account and/or join the discord server. Those little things always warm my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hope you will have fun playing my game!

May the Force be with you,