[WIP] Taxi Driver


I am very new to game development and Phaser. I have built 3 games so far and there is one in particular that I am hoping to get some feedback on.

You can play the game here: http://www.moonglowsoftware.com/games/taxi-driver/taxi-driver.html

I appreciate any feedback or advice.



I really like the cars, did you draw them or are they free assets we can get somewhere ?


Some were free.

Most were paid for, but they’re not very expensive.


Great ! So I am using the free asset pack one, your game has inspired me a lot, if you want to discuss features I’ve made a first idea with Phaser 2 CE https://nazimboudeffa.itch.io/on-the-road-again
I mostly code in v2 CE


Nice game for start, but when the pursuit is appears, player often has no chance to dodge without crash.
Did you learn phaser by William Clarkson book?


Thank you for the feedback. I will work on that.
I learned Phaser from a couple of classes on Udemy.