BUG when using Particle Emitter startFollow() on CANVAS (Phaser 3.52.0)?

Hi, I’ve been using version 3.24.1 and my particle emitter works fine on Canvas.
I’m using emitter.startFollow(sprite);
But when I updated to 3.52.0, my particle is broken, its position is wrong. It looks like some values are added to x & y of the particles.
I’m using code from this example:

If I use AUTO or WEBGL, the position is correct, but when I change to CANVAS, the position is wrong. Please try changing the value in the example above…
I’m using Chrome & Firefox (newest version) on Windows 10.
Is there some work around for this?
Thanks for your time.

Bug demo in picture

Thank you samme.
So there’s no solution yet.
I tried adding offsetX and offsetY, setting particle position… but the result just got worse. :pensive:

You can use setPosition() in update() instead of following.

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Oh, I didn’t think of that. Maybe because Phaser did a lot of things and my brain became lazy.
I got it working by setting emitter.setPosition(x, y) in update().
Thank you very much samme!