Card game

The Swedish classic game Bondtolva implemented with Phaser 3 can be found here:

The rules can be found in the game. The game has similar game play to the card games Sechsundsechzig (66) and also Schnapsen.


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looks good; thanks for sharing!

I really like how you managed the card animations - the setting to the side and then the final results.
Good job!

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On my computer, the game title is superimposed over the first few lines of the rules, which makes it hard to read the card rankings:

I only mention it because I’ve recently started wondering myself how to handle layout given the variability of layout. I feel like the default scaling feature gives blurry results. Implementing custom tools for viewport-relative positioning seems like a huge task all by itself.

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Thank you buddies! I hoped this should make it to but it didn’t :frowning:

Anyways the card rank is 9-J-Q-K-10-A. But I guess thats not so relevant :slight_smile:

I plan to make a new card game called Parity ( But for this I think I need to learn how to automate AI because implement the AI for this game feels hard.

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