[Phaser 3] Solitaire game

I made the Klondike Solitaire game we all know using Phaser: https://www.solitaireparadise.com/static/files/solitaire/klondike/

Some of its features:

  • Optimised for Retina displays (and any other device pixel ratio)
  • Responsive (adaptive layout, adaptive position of card piles e.g. on mobile landscape mode and adaptive card design with larger rank and suit symbols on mobile)
  • Beautiful cards
  • Unlimited undo’s
  • Saves and loads game progress when closing / refreshing the browser
  • Several options

My code allows to easily create other solitaire variants, for example I made Thieves of Egypt Solitaire in only one day.

Please let me know what you think!


This is super professional looking. Real smooth animations and the UI is great. Love seeing the DOM elements used for that stuff.

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It really is unbelievable how polished this is. All of the components fit together beautifully and it’s almost impossible to tell what’s in Phaser and what’s made of DOM elements. The game is smooth and very playable. Great job!

Thanks for the kind feedback @snowbillr and @Telinc1 !