[Phaser 3] Kingdom of Objalinsk - RPG Game Website


The game can be played at https://jablonskiwebdevelopment.com/rpg/objalinsk.

This is a game I created using Phaser3 for my final project at my coding bootcamp last year which I converted from a Pygame version I created in the early weeks of my bootcamp. You could find a youtube video preview of the game at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZhNVVPbvzI.

You will need to create an account to play as your stats are saved for if you want to return to the game and for the high score section. (I ask for an email during signup but you could provide a fake one if you do not want to provide a real one as there is no email verification).

The game is mostly complete aside from a few parts of the map that just randomly end. You could fight multiple enemies who all have different special attacks and buy items from the store at the beginning of the game.


Nice little RPG I had fun leveling up a bit (got power level 11). The only thing that I would change would to have a battle mode of some sort so that you don’t accidentally change to another area while fighting but other than that really nice


I am glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the suggestion. When I get back to developing the game more, I will add some sort of user confirmation for leaving an area if they are in battle.
Also, I thought it only fair to remove my test accounts from the high scores since I see a few people have played the game since I posted it so that puts you at #1 in the power high scores right now.


After playing a bit more here are things that I would like to see added if you go back to working on it. A map would be really cool to see where you are at all times (could be another item you buy at the shop). Having small medium and large potion would be cool (even tho I would not be at a level to benefit from them yet). And last one is a rather large request so I don’t expect it to be in for all the time it would take to make (I could help if you would want me too) Would be a city that gives you a new spawn point and quests. P.-S. I will comment back once I finally have the zombie killing axe and don’t take this to negatively because I like the game I just listed things that could be added if you wanted to rework and upgrade it.


I appreciate your feedback on the game and won’t take anything negatively. There are always features that could be added to any game and it is nice to hear others opinions so you could continue letting me know your thoughts. Whenever I have the time I may slowly add some of these features but I can’t make any promises. I also have many more ideas for the game and wish I had more time to add them.

I am currently learning Java so I may eventually try to remake this game in Java and will probably add additional features at that point.