Convert your Phaser game to a native mobile app online


In the past, I was using Intel XDK, PhoneGap Build, and Cocoonjs to build a native app.
But now, all these 3 solutions are gone.

Nowadays, you have to choose between Capacitor and Cordova.
Cordova is easy to use, as it just needs one config.xml file.
Capacitor is more modern, but you have to deal with, at least some, native code.

Why not combine the simplicity of Cordova’s config.xml and the modern Capacitor into one package that compiles in the cloud?

Well, that’s what I’m about to do. Please have a look:

Hope you :heart: it!



  1. Android (release) and iOS (ad-hoc, store) builds are ready very soon.
    (update: is now ready)

  2. Next, I will implement a easy way to install plugins.

  3. Building the app from the cli would also be awesome.