What is the best way to export to Android?

I made a game in Phaser and would like to export it to Android. What is the best way to do this? What tools should I use?

I think it will be specific to your game, there probably isn’t a ‘best’ and frankly there are so many options it’s hard to say. In terms of ease of use, Cordova is pretty popular and there are tutorials available, Emanuel Feranato offers a tutorial on using Cordova to create 2048 for android using Phaser 3.22.0. Off the top of my head I also know there are some examples/tuts using Ionic and React on phaser.io as well. In terms of ‘best’ I would think ones that are most popular would be best simply because they will have continued support, which is at least for me, the greatest concern when choosing a framework.

Agree. I don’t think there is any “best” way. You can use Capacitor. I don’t have any experience with that but it’s one of the alternative out there.

+1 for Capacitor

It is like a modernized Cordova and still has ability to use cordova’s plugins. But on the other hand it has bunch of basic native capabilities build in already, so you don’t need plugins at the early stage of development at all. Also it uses Android Studio to build and debug project (as I know Cordova used its own build scripts) - so it is more transparent and you as a dev simply see what is going on under the hood during the process.

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If you use Cordova or Capacitor to turn your app native, you go with a slow webview.
If you use a PWA, you get Chrome as your engine. And with Bubblewrap you can still publish on any store.
So don’t go native. Use PWA (PWA Builder (Bubblewrap), or Capacitor PWA, which uses Bubblewrap (I think).

So how you put in the app store then?

It’s still Google and Apple monopoly

Switching from Cordova to Capacitor…

Bubblewrap turns it into a APK.