Covid19 Survival Game

Hey, fellas.
I decided to learn how to develop games in Phaser 3.

It is really an easy and poweefull framework.

So I read the API, browsed the examples and even read the source code to understand some things. During the process the ideas were popped up and I ended up creating a simple game about care during the Covid19 pandemic. In the game we need to avoid viruses and collect items for protection and to improve health. It’s available on the link

Hope you enjoy.


Nice game! :smile: I’ve been working on a game with pandemic/covid19 theme, but it’s more static, comic style game (with Phaser too). So, I was interested in seeing what kind of approach you had - and it was VERY different from mine!

I liked how the difficulty progressed. I was able to get to day 4 in my first game. It was good that there was enough time to learn to play before the health went to a critical level.

Are you going to continue developing this game or are you moving on to other projects to continue learning Phaser?

Now I am learning how to include achievements and world players’ scores.
And try to publish in Apple Store.

Yes! :smile: This side of game making is so important, not just making the game itself. Good luck with everything!

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It’s a lot of fun! Add some achievements, high scores, and added difficulty and I think you’ve got something worth a couple bucks of fun!

Thank you for your suggestions.

I stopped to improve it for the rules of the app stores about apps on Covid19. I got a strike from the Google Play Store when I tried to post it there.

But even so, your message encouraged me to get back to work on it.

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Maybe you could just re-name it to Flappy Virus lol