PAndemiC MAN - A PAC-MAN/COVID inspired game

PAC-MAN goes grocery shopping during a pandemic. Get the items on your list and get out of the store with your health intact.
Stay away from other shoppers who cough and sneeze out virus particles. Get a mask for protection and a spray of disinfectant to fight back.
If you make it to the final level (19), you’ll be treated to an appearance of Trump.

This is my first Phaser game. I ported it over from Android in record time (Google doesn’t allow anything related to COVID in the Play store).


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Nice game. Congratulations.
I tried to publish my game with the same theme, but I didn’t know the prohibition about Covid19 and got a strike. If I try again, my account will be removed.

Dark times!

I didn’t even find Google’s COVID rules when I searched after the rejection, except in a blog post. Looks like lawyers have taken over.
There doesn’t seem to be much of a point in developing mobile apps for games like this, given all the different platforms to support and that you are dependent on whatever rules Google and Apple may come up with. Users are already very reluctant to install stuff, and when you ask them to manually install an APK then all is lost.
How do you promote your game?

It is available on my web server at the link. I am sending this link to friends and have created a post here on the forum to share the experience. As Google refused to publish it, I intend to make some changes to make it more general about virus threats. I will remove any references to “coronavirus”, “pandemic” and “covid19” which are the keywords in the blacklist. So I’ll try to publish in the Apple Store. If I can, I’ll try to publish it to the Play Store again.

If you want to add advertising, I suggest the Cordova plugin for Google’s Admob I tested some and that’s what I thought was the best.