[Phaser 3] Cavemen - A multiplayer survival game developed during GGJ 2019



Cavemen is a game about pre-historic ice age period. It is a multiplayer survival game where players have to find shelter for their survival and food to restore their health. Players can attack each other and take the food dropped from dead (or disconnected) players. During the night time if the players are not in a cave they will lose their health gradually.

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Note: It might take a while to load for the first time if there hasn’t been any players online recently.

This game was developed in two days during Global Game Jam 2019. See the source code, used tech, installation guide and related tutorials here.


Nicely done! and in only 2-days?!?! Wow!


Thank you for your nice words :slight_smile:

We can’t believe we developed this in two days either lol.

Our game artist was only familiar with 3D modeling, me and the other developer only had web development experience apart from my 2017 GGJ game which was developed with Phaser 2.6.2: http://yigit.usta.ug.bilkent.edu.tr/ggj2017/index.html Source code: https://github.com/yigitusta9/FoshFosh-GGJ2017.


Great job @yigitusta9!
First time I died because I did not realize that it is enough to go through to cave entrance and stay inside (I thought I get another screen where I am actually in a cave lol). Second time I knew how it work and I was able to get more than 100% health lol

Well done in that time!


Yeah there are small bugs like 100+% health :smile: In addition, UX should be improved (People shouldn’t think they are in a cave when they receive game over screen :joy:)

We are planning to work on Cavemen 2 which won’t be developed in 2 days, therefore less buggier more scalable and with more features.

I’m also going to release a full featured multiplayer game boilerplate leveraging best practices such as bundling, one click Heroku deploy etc.


@yigitusta9, I am releasing a Phaser Development book on MMOG. May I have your permission to include this fantastic example?


Of course! Thank you :blush:


@yigitusta9 A free copy of Phaser MMOG IS YOURS And your team plus commissions. Contact me via email.


Thank you :slight_smile: