Different textures slapped onto a faces of Mesh gameobject

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with seeing how much I can milk out of the Mesh class (use Three.js I hear you cry!).
This time I’ve been pasting different things to the texture of a rotating Cube Mesh object.
First, starting with an easy one: text rendered as texture.

Then a shader object rendered to texture, slapped onto the rotating Mesh cube.

and finally, a rotating cube with a video of a toy train running around the rail track on all faces! The code does not run on my free Github account but it does run if you run it from your local server, I promise (you’ll also need to download the example mp4 video file - poached from the Phaser examples file - the link is in the CodePen).

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I copied into a new CodePen project so the video will work:

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