Issue with Japanese language

My current game supports multi language. You can change your language on the fly(dynamically) .Until now, i got only English,Russian,Turkey and i have no problem with them, when user selects some of them, all of the texts are updated for the certain language.But now, i add Japanese, and when user selects Japanese, game freezes for 5 seconds. The font i am using is Oswald. I am using Phaser.Text , instead bitmapText. I know that for dynamically changing texts is better to use bitmapText, but bitmapFonts are huge in size (especially Japanese). Can someone help me finding the answer why Japanese is causing such problem ?


How do you load your fonts and at what time or state ?

Hi @nazimboudeffa ,
i am using google webfont loader api to load them.
i’m making a request to the server to get the specific .json with certain translation.It can happen any time,beginning of the game, on the fly too.

5 seconds of freezing does mean imo that there are process that are executed in the behind of the game, if it happens any time that’s weired, you should try first to load your fonts locally and see what happen, and give a feedback in this thread

Of course I will not say that without sharing some code there is no way to dig more in this issue because it’s understood :wink:

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hey @nazimboudeffa , the problem was with the font. Sorry for that late reply, but i was on a long vacation. I changed the google font Oswald with Nano Sans JP and i have no delay now :slight_smile: .
I hope this topic will help other people in future ! :slight_smile:

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THX for the update
It will helop am sure of that