Need Help with collider, immovable not working

Hello, i need help with the collider, i have a player and a group of enemies, the collider work like this :

this.physics.add.collider(this.player, this.enemies)

But when i collide with the enemies, the enemies are moved

I have try this on enemy :

this.enemies =

const enemy = self.physics.add.sprite(enemyInfo.x, enemyInfo.y, playerInfo.tank_choice).setCollideWorldBounds(true).setBounce(0)
    enemy.body.immovable = true

but nothing of this work

need help :smile:

Hi @Vaunt,
When you add a new element to the physics group, a new physics body is created, so you have change the physics properties after add it. One way would be:

this.enemies.create(enemyInfo.x, enemyInfo.y, playerInfo.tank_choice)


Hi @jjcapellan sorry but dont work.

There is no longer even a collision

Ok. :thinking: Here the code is working, maybe you need to change something:

Good luck!!

When i put setImmovable(true) to the children the collider not working, There is no longer even a collision, but i can log an overlap…(in the collider callback) and in the body of the enemy i can see immovable: true
And with your method, how can i see the childrens ? I dont see they in the enemies object (children).

this is my code :

addPlayer Function :

this.ship = self.physics.add.sprite(playerInfo.x, playerInfo.y, playerInfo.tank_choice).setImmovable(true).setCollideWorldBounds(true)


this.physics.add.collider(this.ship, this.lockLayer) // this work
this.physics.add.collider(this.ship, this.enemies, (player, enemy) => {
  console.log(player.body.immovable) // return true
  console.log(enemy.body.immovable) // return true

addEnemies Function

  const enemy = this.enemies.create(enemyInfo.x, enemyInfo.y, enemyInfo.tank_choice).setImmovable(true)
  enemy.enemyId = enemyInfo.enemyId

however, i launch the addEnemies function and addPlayer function if i have a player connected with

    const vm = this
    this.socket.on('newEnemy', function (enemyInfo) {
        vm.addEnemies(self, enemyInfo)

To get the array of group elements, they are two alternatives:

let enemyArray = this.enemies.children.entries;
// or
let enemyArray = this.enemies.getChildren();

So, after that, you can add new properties:

enemyArray[index].id = 'myId';

You also can create the group from a config object:

this.enemies ={
    immovable: true;
// and then
this.enemies.create(enemyInfo.x, enemyInfo.y, playerInfo.tank_choice)
// ....

Thx bro this work,

and i have removed setImmovable(true) from my player, because with this, my player passed through enemies.