[Phaser 3] Castlevania

This a fangame/remake of the first Castlevania on nes made for learning purposes, where you controls Richter instead of Simon

The graphics don’t follows the nes’s limits and color palette, but stay minimalist with a 32 color palette.(DB32)

I tried to improve the game with some others castlevania’s mechanics like stairs’s jumping and backflip.



Good rain. I was defeated by stairs. It doesn’t start on my Safari, from the OGG sounds, I think.

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Hi Samme

Thanks for trying it.
defeated by stairs??

For Safari, i just gave up… too much diff with other browsers… and no mac for testing

It’s only the OGG sounds causing errors. You could add MP3 or try to disable audio.

I beat the stairs and was crushed by spikes. It’s very polished, good work.

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Fixed on the updated version