Phaser 3 - Real-Time Multiplayer Game with Physics #2

I already publish a nice real-time multiplayer example before, but this is different.

  1. It uses Electron on the server-side to be able to debug the physics.
  2. for fast (unordered and unreliable) messages.
  3. And TypeScript.

The source code is on github.


Hi! This seems pretty awesome.

But in TypeScript, so it sucks for most people.
I don’t understand the purpose of making an exemple in TypeScript instead of pure JS… We are here to learn, most people won’t learn anything from this because we are using JS not TypeScript. When you know how to do it with JS, then do it with JS please.
It’s still fine for those who like TS anyway, that’s right, but i’m just telling a fact.

(this is probably why there is only 1 like on this example, which deserve a lot more but not with TS)

TypeScript and modern JavaScript is nearly the same.

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I see. Anyway i though it was a demo for interpolation/extrapolation with Gecko so it’s not a problem.

A interpolation demo is inside the snapshot-interpolation repo:

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