[Phaser 3] Revenge Of Acharis - metroidvania

Hi all
Revenge Of Acharis is a little metroidvania made for a one month gamejam on itch.io.
Check it here:

Feel free to comment here or on itch.io

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I MAY have had to use a glich to get farther up the tower though, if you jump on the tele-skele’s head; that next jump is infinite unless you hit something.

Was there some sort of upgrade I missed?


No, there is a bug on the jump…you can exploit it on a few areas.
At the end of the game, you will know the percentage of objects obtained.
Thanks for playing

So where did you learn to put everything together anyway?
I haven’t found a tutorial that felt “complete”

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Sorry to bother but what is it?

A tutorial to make this kind of game? there isn’t…i started with basics tutorials, learned how to use the docs, and voila…

I let wikipedia respond to this questions, as this isn’t simple to explain