[Phaser 3] Simon 2020

Hi all,
This is my version of the well-known game “Simon”. 2020 is not the year, it is the number of clones that already exist :grinning:.
Play online: https://jjcapellan.github.io/simon2020/
Source code: https://github.com/jjcapellan/simon2020

About the development:
Most of the time (some hours) is dedicated to the graphics, since the logic of this game is quite simple to program and I have only implemented one game mode.
As a curiosity, I did not need to use the update function, the game is handled with events.
Regarding the graphics, I used 4 layers: background, lights, front, LED lights and pressed buttons. The front is semi-transparent in the four game buttons and includes the buttons and LEDs.
The game uses two types of assets (high and low resolution) to better adapt to screen resolution.
I made the mistake of trying the game too late on mobile devices, so some elements of the ui are small on some screens.
Sometimes some sound does not play and does not seem to be due to lack of audio context (I’m still looking for the problem).


I love it. thank you for share the source code.

Thanks. I’m glad you like it.