[Phaser 3] Solus Sector Tactics - space strategy

Solus Sector: Tactics

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Solus Sector is a single-player turn based strategy game with simple mechanics. Control spacecrafts and build bases to reach the center of the galaxy.



Solus Sector is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is no planned release date yet.

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  • Sense, Plan, Act: All players plan their turns simultaneously. Anticipate your opponent’s attack and come up with the perfect action plan every turn.
  • Linear storyline: Discover how the story unfolds as you progress through the sectors and complete missions.
  • Simple mechanics: Without the burden of late game overmanagement, the fast pace gameplay is kept during the whole match.

Feedback is highly appreciated. I’ve made a simple feedback form in Google forms: https://forms.gle/ivyEJowUhm36iazt9

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Hi, nice work!

Friendly feedback:
I just played a bit but I don’t get… can enemy bases be destroyed? occupy them?
And… why can I change what they build?

Anyway really great and nice work!

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Hi Darko. Thank you for the feedback. I will improve the in-game help to better explain how to attack enemy bases.

Yes, you can destroy them by placing a unit on top of it and selecting “Invade planet” on the bottom left corner. You shouldn’t be able to change what they build, that is a bug :sweat_smile:

I did the first few campaign and that was fun. One thing that is missing though is a reminder somewhere of which unit is better used against a specific opponent. It is said once in the tutorial, but if you fail to remember the correct information as I did, it is just a lucky guess.

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Thanks @korbn. I’m glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:

That’s a valuable feedback. I will add a reminder or some sort of visual tooltip to show which unit is better against which. Also I’ll add a button to access the help/tutorial pages whenever needed.


I think you’re a really good programmer. It seems really fluent on multiple fronts.

Small nitpicks:
Overwriting orders should be easier
“strong/weak against” is too small to read
Need something to select planet vs fighter easier

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@FloodGames thank you for the feedback!

I’m going to work on these points.
Overwriting plans by just setting a new action and a way to ensure make it easier to select the ship vs the planet.

Concerning the “strong/weak” being too small, there is a zoom option (mouse scroll), but I’m not teaching that in the tutorial yet :laughing:. Do you think the existing zoom is enough?

Wow this is insane, did you do it all by yourself?

Yes… Thank you :slight_smile:

Holy s**t! hahaha congratulations. Really.

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