Required knowledge

What area of javascript do you need to know to start building games in phaser 3 ?

I’ve been able to make a few mini games just with if statements, arrays, variable flags, and loops.

I want to learn step by step, and the best motivation is success, so I would start with simple and not very challenging games.

There are plenty of great tutorials out there, but if you’re not very familiar with javascript or typescript you should look at some basic tutorials for those languages first. Phaser is a javascript library, if you only learn it you wont understand to think logically when making games.

I would start off simple, and work from there. Set attainable goals.

A good first project would be something really really easy. Maybe tic tac toe, or hang man, or something of the like that doesn’t involve too much physics.

Gradually go from there and start incorporating more math and physics. A slightly more challenging project than above would be a 2d platformer, or even a tetris clone.

Eventually with enough work involved in making those apps should build a foundation that can begin much more complicated projects.

The hardest games (from personal opinion) that I’ve found to work on, are those involving simulations, complex state interactions that make balance difficult, AI, and/or real time events of the above rather than turn based.

while not being a promotional supporter, here is a great video i watched of constructing a tetris clone, from scratch, without any libs used at all, all within 1 hour.

if you can understand that, you’re well on your way to understanding javascript, and a lot of the more modern things involved.

FYI this could also be made in phaser, if you so chose to, but the structure of the code would dramatically change.