Setting up game templates by creating games while having fun


As you might have already read it in this topic, I am interested by creating templates for common game type, like plateformer, action adventure, car race or whatever… Something generic enough to be a good starting point, but specific enough to include all the basic features. For now, you can only find really simple tutorial that only gives you a tiny head start or complete open source games that are too specific to be reusable. We could make something between, something made to be a template.

But creating templates is not really fun and I really think fun is important to get people motivated enough. So I am proposing to start creating little games, for example on monthly basic. In the process, we will create a reusable template well explained. Everytime it is possible, features would have to be designed to be reusable and improved on other projects.

It could be separate games that use the same common ground or a project that evolve with the new features. For instance:

  • we can start with a game where you have to explore a map and find the level exit (maze)
  • then there could be enemies that you’d have to avoid (pacman)
  • then theses enemies could see you and you will have to sneak around (stealth game)
  • It is finally a ship that can send bullets and missiles or being shot at (shoot 'em up)
  • Then, there would be another player on screen that you’d have to defeat (bomberman)
  • etc…

Each games will lay new bricks that could then be used by the others. If possible, features could be embedded as a plugin, or we could simply dig out the right one. Compatibility, versatility and reusability will be the keywords.

I could start such a project on my own but there would be a risk that I won’t last long enough for it to be interesting and the coding would be too much a reflection of my poor coding style. Working with other people will benefit greatly the project.

Are some people interested by such a journey? Each participation doesn’t have to be long term, the goal will be to make sure that no one is essential to the project.

We would of course need JS developers, but also game designers and graphists to make the mini games more fun.

Come on, that could be fun and benefits all :smiley: