Tools for Phaser 3 (image atlas and animation, audio and more)

We have created a series of tools to help develop games in Phaser 3, we invite you to use them.

If you need an atlas packer to join all your images (and animate your atlas) use our atlas placker:

Atlas Packer Phaser

Image from Gyazo

If you need convert ttf font to png use our ttf2png:


Image from Gyazo

If you need a AudioSprite for create FX audio sprite.


Image from Gyazo

All these tools work locally when you have loaded the page.

If you want help us to develop this amazing tools you can donate

Help us to keep developping these awesome tools.

DONATE :smile:


I understand how difficult it is to raise funding.
You might want to review your donation link; I discovered this as a broken link. System message said:

The session is not valid or has expired.

You have been inactive for a while so, to protect your account, we have closed the session. Return to the seller’s website and restart the payment process.

Oh :smiley: Thanks, solved the link error.

You can access through the application (atlas packer): HERE.


I am going to use the ttf2png tool to create bitmap fonts from TTF files for my jam games! Thank you for making it!

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You’re welcome :grinning: