[WIP] Breakout Game

Here’s my first game.

It’s a recreation of the classic game. It’s pretty simple and there’s still a lot to do.

There are currently only three levels, generated from data in a JSON file. I will be adding more soon.

I set the size at 800x600 but it looks too small to me, I’m thinking of making it full screen.

I also want to add Keyboard Controls, Audio, Tweens & Animations, Scene Transitions etc… but I’m getting the foundations established first.

Anyway let me know what you think:

Game: http://jamesbailey.uk/games/breakout/

Source code: http://jamesbailey.uk/games/breakout/source-code.zip


Hi @jmb272,
I’ve completed all 3 levels, it’s a nice implementation of the classic.
If you want some ideas to add “juice” to the game and try particles, tweens, camera effects …, you can see this old video that uses the breakout as an example:


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