[WIP] Balloon Popper

My first original game. I made everything myself.


There’s still a lot to do. Next I will be creating smooth transitions/animations between scenes and modals and creating music and sound effects for it.

The game is incremental. Each level is harder than the last.

What do you think?

Edit: It doesn’t work on my iPad. I’ve found out it’s because of the ES6 import feature.


Really nice :+1:

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Thanks Phailser,

I’ve updated it to include scene and modal dialog transitions and also added a balloon popping sound effect and some music.

I didn’t make the sound effect or music though so I’ll have to put in a credits screen.


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Nice! It’s always a surprise how a few animations and sounds can really give something a premium feel!

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Hi. Good job.
I have a suggestion: I think it would be better to pause the music when the game is paused.

But the game is nice.