Awesome Phaser



I have made some cleaning to the Awesome Phaser repository, if some people are motivated to PR to the original repo, it needs more cleaning, but also I’ve tryed it and it was refused because it doesn’t make sense to the original creator of it, maybe I have to take my way out and just create my own

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Nice clean-up! Any way you could enable issues on your fork so others can help with gathering resources. The other list is starting to look abandoned, and I’d like to help out with yours


Thank you,

I wanted to make the urls more visible with their owners and original names instead of creating a link for everyone of them with a title

Anyone can PR but can’t open an issue because it’s already a fork I guess, so feel free to PR until we get a feedback from the original repo owner maybe he will accept the changes

It needs a working session to test them all and see how they can be used in a gamedev workflow