City Saviour - WIP

Latest version of my game…

Very - Work in progress, but got a lot of the physics sorted.
WSAD / Mouse 1


Nice clean look, but the physics-based player controls based on both thrust and mouse movement confused me a bit at first. I’d probably switch to a WASD movement scheme for faster, simpler, more intuitive gameplay with a higher sense of player control.

I’d also make the player bullets super fast instead of inheriting part of their velocity from the spaceship, since this sometimes means they just float around at near 0 velocity.

Major game update. Music written for level1

Still wasd / mouse 1 to fire.

Still loads to do…

Thanks cSpark for your input, i have thought about what you said a lot. I have massively dampened the player movement. See what you think now. I tested it on my kids and they got it fairly quickly.

Player bullets - Try getting a max fire rate power up…

You should add a screenshot.

Thanks Samme…

Did you try it ?
Done the difficulty levels today. Got to balance the rushes / difficulty levels yet, but insane is quite hard. That’s the idea though until you have got better weps by collecting stars and buying upgrades.
I am starting to feel as though it could be game I would play which is a start.

I think my biggest challenge will be to make it work on a phone, and protect it somehow. I am not saying that its good enough to warrant that, but I have had a website stolen wholesale and set up in India on a different url, so i am aware of the threat. Basically if you do something good online, it will be attacked.

Its a lot of work building a game!
You have to do 10 different jobs. Graphics / Art / Music / Code / etc etc is about the best i have come with so far. Not sure if other members are aware of that.

Havent even thought about the backend yet. High scores etc. Might try firebase.

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It looks and sounds very good. It was hard but I’m bad.

Nice production values (I love the music).
Scaling doesn’t work for me (Chrome, Firefox, 1360x768), I need to go to about 65% to see the entire canvas. At first I couldn’t see the dock or ship, and had no idea what was happening :slight_smile:
Movement is odd (backward thrusters? just flip the ship) . I would not use ‘tank’ steering. So left/right remains left/right on screen, whichever way I’m pointing…
And have the option to skip cutscenes by clicking fire.

Very promising!

I forgot to put back in - mode: Phaser.Scale.FIT. It should resize to your screen now.
Space skips cut scene - havent put msg in yet.

Ship is steered towards the mouse. Its a combination of mouse and keys. Fair point, that needs to be made clear.

Thanks for the feedback

I kind of liked the steering.

I’ve thought about reversing left and right when your upside down, but I’m wondering if that’s just part of the game the player has to get used to. Might also be more confusing if your strafing as you go from being the right way up to the wrong way up.

Major update guys.

grateful for any feedback

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