City Saviour - Updated - WIP

Big update…

  • Deformable city…
  • Tracking player aliens / curve aliens
  • Better Player Movement
  • Difficulty Levels - Try insane.
  • New Intro Screen
  • Music Written
  • Sign in with Google - You get 5000 free stars if you sign in for testing
  • Fits to users screen
  • New Intro Scene


  • Post Scores online
  • Level 1 Boss
  • Paris / New York etc…

Would be great to get any feedback / bug reports. Thanks.


Scaling wrong again.

That screen has been designed to fit on 1024 x 768. I decided that was the min for the game
I probably need to put a msg if your running smaller than that.

Thanks for the feedback. That happened on my daughters laptop. But she had her scaling set to 150%.

I would say that is a bad decision.
I have some pretty decent systems, and very few have 768 innerheight (at 1360 x 768).

Fair comment. Will think about that. Cheers
Could you even try it ?

Yeah, it’s a great game. Steering is excellent now.
Not sure about the monochrome ships though.
And why space to skip instead of mouse button?

Cool game. Maybe make it so the game hides the mouse cursor? (Not sure how hard this would be… I don’t use Phaser anymore).

Cheers. Yes that’s a great idea. Will do a custom cursor for it…

Just updated.
Player missiles (if signed in), some narrative stuff and London Boss all done. Aliens can now launch aliens.

Will start on level completion screen tom.

The game looks awesome but I when I encountered an enemy I got: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: launcherL at MoveRotatePlayer player.js:9569. I’m on Safari.

oppps. That’s now fixed.

City Saviour - Now works on mobile devices. Cheers Rex for joysticks. Scaling of menu fixed for all devices. Cheers Milton for useful comment.

Very grateful for any mobile testers.

Better and better. I really love it.

but it quit on me with:

Yep - sorry that is now fixed. I saw that.
Joysticks ok ?

Didn’t test joysticks.
On desktop, still quits on undefined at DamageBuilding…, after about a minute of intense shooting :slight_smile:
Hmm. tried a private window, seems to work. Maybe it was cached.

Ok, so now I tried a tablet and a smartphone (both Android). Bloody brilliant.
But maybe have auto aim or something. This is just too difficult for us old geezers…

Cheers Bud. Thanks a lot. It’s nice to get a nice review!

Played it on Chrome, it’s fun! Keep it up

Cheers. Yeah. Its coming slowly. Still tons to do…


Finally got city saviour on to a proper domain. With a SQL Server backend to handle ranking / Scores / Users etc

I got so fed up with the firebase firestore db that it forced me to move.
You can’t do any sort of ranking queries.
You can’t even test for inequality on more than one field.

Right that’s level 1 done. With medals, player ranking and database back end. (Facebook sign-in still doesn’t work - on it).

Starting on Paris now. Got an idea to make it like centipede a bit (If anyone can remember that).

Paris Underway…

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