Go Chicken Go!


A mini game available for licensing. Almost finished. I still need to figure out how to let the players know that they jump in the river using the “space” key.



Very well done, good art style, good sounds effects, easy to control.
Also mobile friendly.
Excellent music too.

I did notice an occasional bug that happened on the other side of the road. Sometimes, but not always it seemed that getting hit by one of the purple vans my next controllable chicken would drown into the ground.

Overall looks great, I definitely could use something of this quality as inspiration at improving my games.:grin:

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In case anyone else wants to play this fun game, you can find it here: https://lagged.com/play/1814/ :slight_smile:


I liked it. Fun and challenging at the same time.
The bullet-time effect is a nice touch.
Congratulations !!