[Phaser 3 - WIP] Super Mario Land


Hello there!

I have completed a new game in my repository. It is a remake of the original Super Mario Land for Game Boy. For now, I have implemented the first level (without all enemies though).

Among other things you will learn the following points:

  • Setup a game with Phaser.Config
  • Use Scenes
  • Use the Loader
  • How to work with Game Objects (Images, Sprites …)
  • How to work with Tilemaps
  • How to work with Groups
  • Physics Arcade
  • How to setup a Camera with follow

Like all my examples, this one is written in TypeScript.

I’m looking forward to comments/feedbacks!


Lovely idea! Is there a link to test it online anywhere?




That’s great :slight_smile: completed the level! (if anyone else tries it, which you should, press S to start!)


Hi, great work. I’ve noticed one thing with coins - they can behave like a ground. The simple reproduce is: when you get down through the first pipe, there is a grid of coins, you can jump on it and press jump button again - the mario takes the upper coin, and jumps again making a double jump. Hope my explanation was clear.