[Phaser 3] Ultimate Air Soccer (AI and Multiplayer Physics Game))

I’m happy to show you my first finished game, made with Phaser.


For many years I’m using Phaser in my spare time. Some years ago, I started programming this game with Phaser 2 and Box2D as physics engine. Some month ago, I restarted developing it by using Phaser 3 and the build-in MatterJS support.

For the multiplayer support, I’m using the realtime database of Firebase. I think the most effort I spent to get the multiplayer running. It was very challenging, because the physic simulations on different browsers and system may differ slightly. This was due, that browsers on different system uses different implementation for mathematical functions like Math.sin(x).
Now I’m overwriting these function in startup by using Trigfills (GitHub - strainer/trigfills: Sin, cos, tan, asin... polyfills for when cross browser consistency is desired.). The simulation now runs on all system exactly identical.

The singleplayer mode uses a very simple AI, but sometimes it looks ‘smart’. My children love to play against this simple AI, as they will often win :wink:

You will have the most fun, if you play a multiplayer game. As it is nearly impossible, that another player will be online at same time, you should play with friends.

Link to the game: https://hechsagon.itch.io/ultimate-air-soccer

I would be very happy to receive feedback.

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The AI for single player is indeed a bit too easy, but besides that, the game plays very nicely. :slight_smile:
I will try to have a go at multiplayer with a friend sometime.
Interesting insight on how the physics on different browsers are handled differently. I was not aware of this issue at all.
Overall, it reminds me a lot of a table game I used to play as a kid in Brazil (futebol de botão), and some videogame simulations of it. But those games are played in alternate turns.
I like how your game has both teams moving at the same time once each turn begins. It is an interesting twist for sure.

Thank you for reviewing the game :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen Futebol de botão before. Only these online versions. But the tabletop game looks very funny :grinning:

The AI is really simple. The players just randomly aim to the ball and opponent players at full velocity. May be, I can improve them a little bit, if I select only the nearest, or not shoot to own goal.

Was it easy to understand what to do on your first play? Our should add some hints what to do on first run? For example, where are your own players or in which goal to shoot?

I don’t really like soccer /football, but this game is the bomb!!! mechanic 10/10, gameplay 10/10 execution 9/10 Buttons graphics could be abit nicer. BUT all in all greaaaatttt, the sound effects make it feel better.

I am literally blown away :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: (but still won’t watch football on the telly)

Thank you for playing and reviewing the game. I’m really happy for your comment :grin:

Any suggestions for a better button design? As you already may noticed, graphics are not my strength :see_no_evil:

I buttons are okay(on the pc):sweat_smile:. I initaily played it on may phone, there the button (to shoot / end the round) is not really clear, because it is too small, but on the PC it is good and clear. :+1:

Thank you for your feedback and interest. I really like your game. :hugs: