[WIP] SnowboardingGame - Box2D - (open-source)

Hello everybody.

I’m working on a little snowboarding game and since the current version is Christmas themed, I thought it would be a good time to show it off :blush:

About the game:

  • Open source and MIT licensed.
  • Uses Box2D for the physics.
  • Levels are handmade using the awesome R.U.B.E editor by iforce2d (currently only 4 levels).
  • Online leaderboards for each level (implementation a bit hacky right now and fairly easy to cheat)
  • Inspired by Alto’s Adventure, iStunt and old flash based browser games
  • Working on level editor to allow players to create and upload their own custom levels for others to play.

Any feedback or interesting gameplay ideas/suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile:

Link to the game: https://snowboarding.game
GitHub Repo: https://github.com/andreas-schoch/snowboarding-game

Cheers and happy Holidays!



I first got into this with Hill Climb Racing on my Android Tablet, but this is close…
It’s hard to get up to speed. Maybe show some video how to do it?

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Hey Milton thanks!

Here recordings of the first 2 levels (Note: audio is a bit out of sync in these for some reason)

In case you tried playing it on mobile, the touch controls are currently a bit broken. It works best using the keyboard (arrow keys left and right to steer, up to jump, space/esc to pause)

Eventually I would like to implement a replay system so people can re-watch every run on the Leaderboards and see how it was achieved.

A replay ideally just consists of a sequence of inputs at any given physics step so it can be simulated again. For that to work though the physics need to be fully deterministic (which they are not atm, that will be a challenge in itself). I think this is somewhat similar to how Trackmania does replays.

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Really fun game. You recreated the fun of Alto’s adventure pretty well. Thanks for sharing this